Galápagos - Summer 2016

From the end of July to the middle of August of 2016 I was fortunate enough to go with my family on the National Geographic Islander through the Eastern islands of the Galápagos in Ecuador. The Galápagos islands are extremely special because of the species of animals that are found on each individual island and nowhere else in the world. The trip started on the island of San Cristobal, where we spent two days hiking, watching the sea lions, and exploring the town. We then sailed to Española Island where there were gorgeous cliffs and geysers that housed many types of birds and thousands of marine iguanas. Española was my favourite of all of the islands because of the beautiful water and the variation of wildlife that is found in such a small area of land. From Española we went to Isla Floreana. After some snorkelling and many games of cards, we ventured to Santa Cruz where we ran in the complete darkness through old lava tunnels and walked among the tortoises in the highlands. We visited the Charles Darwin Research Centre in Puerta Ayora, Santa Cruz. From there we walked a mile back into town and explored the various fish markets and ice cream stores. From there we explored the cliffs and cactus trees of South Plaza Island, and then moved on to hike the islands of solidified lava. The younger people aboard the ship took out the Zodiacs that we used for transportation from the ship to the islands for a joyride, accompanied by the drivers of course. After a few more snorkelling expeditions, we ended the trip in Baltra where we disembarked the ship and flew back to the mainland of Ecuador to return home.

Best places for photography:

  • Española Island
  • the town of San Cristobal
  • the town of Santa Cruz/Puerta Ayora
  • South Plaza Island
Lydia Richardson