AP Portfolio - 10.5.19

On May 10th, I finalised and submitted my AP photography portfolio to the College Board! It was an exciting process and I challenged myself more and more with each photo I captured for my concentration. Here is the final collection of 12 images taken over a span of 6 months that I submitted for my concentration section, as well as my artist statement!

In order: 1 Pink, 2 Red, 3 Coral, 4 Orange, 5 Yellow, 6 Light Green, 7 Dark Green, 8 Teal, 9 Light Blue, 10 Dark Blue, 11 Light Purple, 12 Dark Purple

Artist Statement: Colour brings the world to life. Colour makes up all of the beauty we see and all of the things we love most. 12 colours make up the photos of my concentration, each represented by someone who embodies or loves that colour the most. Using different subject matters and a simple central composition, I sought to fill each frame entirely with its respective colour as it was personified by the model(s). In my concentration, colour not only brings the world to life, but also these portraits.

Lydia Richardson